ࡱ> 7965@ Gbjbj22 (*XXG,(JJJJJJJJnpppppp$RiJJJJJJnn&rJ>J> t-n0 2{d>>0Jr\\?JJJ TAMILNADU MAGNESITE LIMITED(A GOVT. OF TAMILNADU UNDERTAKING)5/53, OMALUR MAIN ROAD,JAGIR AMMAPALAYAM POSTSALEM 636 302. TAMILNADU.PHONE No. : 2346333 to 2346336 FAX : 0427-2346341. GRAM : TANMAG. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REF : 74/AVT/14E/10181 Dated : 18.02.2005.TOSir, Sub : Reprocessed Blue Colour Polythene Liner Bags - reg. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Competitive Bids are invited for the supply of following material in view of holding contract for one year from the date of our Purchase Order. REPROCESSED BLUE COLOUR POLYTHENE LINER BAGS OF FOLLOWING SIZES :01. 52 X 26 300 G - 1,00,000 Nos. WT. 120 GMS. PER BAG. (12.0 MT per year).02. 42 x 24 - 300 G - 20,000 Nos. WT. 86 GMS. PER BAG. (17.2 MT per year).03. 30 x 19 - 300 G - 50,000 Nos. WT. 50 GMS. PER BAG. (25.0 MT per year).REPROCESSED LDPE BLUE COLOUR POLYTHENE LINER BAGS OF SIZE :04. OPAQUE, SIZE : 8 feet height x 6 feet width, 700 Gauge thick, 1500 gm. Weight each. - 5,000 Nos. Double Sealing at bottom and both side, (450 Nos. per month). Mouth fully opened. The above bags are to be used as inner liner for packing of Calcined Magnesite/Dead Burnt Magnesite Powder, which are Hygroscopic in nature. Dimension, Weight, Gauge, Colour should be strictly according to our requirement. No negative tolerance is allowed on dimensions. Weight Tolerance + or 2 gm./bag for Sl.No. 01 to 03 and Weight Tolerance + or 20 gm./bag for Sl.No. 04.Price to be quoted for F.O.R. Our Mines/Works-Stores, which is situated 16 K.M. away from Salem Town.Applicable taxes, duties are to be apparently indicated in your offer..2 .2 Price should be on number basis (or) weight basis. However in case of order placement, weight per bag should be maintained as per our specification. Weight less than / more than our specification will not be entertained and liable for rejection.Price should be FIRM for one year. We are a Government of TamilNadu Undertaking and the rate quoted should be as per D.G.S. & D Rate Contract or rate applicable to Government Concern. Sample bag to be furnished along with offer for each size. Quantity indicated in the Tender is our one year requirement. Order will be issued for FIRM RATE for the quantity indicated in the Tender. But actual supplies only against periodical delivery indent. Delivery Indent will be released once in every month or as and when required. 100% payment will be made within 30 days on receipt and acceptance of material at our Stores. A sum of Rs.10,000/- by means of Demand Draft drawn in favour of TAMILNADU MAGNESITE LIMITED payable at Salem on any Nationalized Bank should be accompanied in your offer towards E.M.D. No offer will be entertained without adequate amount of E.M.D. and sample bag as mentioned in Clause 11 and 8 respectively. For successful Tenderer, the E.M.D. amount will be retained as Security Deposit. No interest will be paid for this.14. TANMAG reserves the right without assigning any reasons whatsoever to accept / reject any offer fully / partially ;to operate risk purchase clause ;to award / not to award contract ;to cancel the tender ;to allocate on multiple source.15.Your offer should reach us in time and on the own interest, the offerer should ensure that the completed offer reached us in time.16.We are not responsible for any postal delay.17.Late offers will not be considered.18. Quotation must be in duplicate and to be reached on or before 3.00 p.m. on 08.03.2005 clearly superscribing Enquiry No. 74/AVT/14E, dt. 18.02.2005 and due date 08.03.2005 on the sealed envelope.19.The Tender will be opened in the presence of the interested participants at 3.30 p.m. on the same day.Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For TAMILNADU MAGNESITE LIMITED,ASST. MANAGER (PURCHASE).ABYZqY [ $ &   7 8 k m   ; > BC\_FHٿٿٶ߱߱h[P5aJ h[P5h[P5>*aJh[P>*CJh[PCJaJ hU0]h[PhU0] h[PaJh[P hiJh[PCJ$OJQJ^JaJ$ hiJCJ h)baJCBZqZ [ % gd[P$a$gdU0]$a$gd[P$a$gdiJgdiJgd)bG% &   8 l m  < = > C]^_$a$gd[Pgd[P $h`ha$gd[P $`a$gd[P $da$gd[P$a$gd[P_GHYZ$^`a$gd[P$^`a$gd[P$a$gd[P $ & Fa$gd[PXZMO?@abACrtopq )-FGhh[P5aJ h[P5h[P5>*\ h[P5\h[P5\aJh[P>*aJ h[P>* h[PaJh[P5NO@bBCstp$ & Fdha$gd[P $ & Fa$gd[P$a$gd[P $ & Fa$gd[Ppq*+,-Gdh^`gd[Pdh^`gd[P^gd[P$a$gd[P &1h:p)b/ I!"`#$%@@@ )bNormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH <@< )b Heading 1$@&CJaJV@V [P Heading 3$<@&5CJOJQJ\^JaJDAD Default Paragraph FontRiR  Table Normal4 l4a (k(No List@P@@ )b Body Text 2dhCJaJG*BZqZ[%&8lm<=>C]^_GHY Z   N O @bBCstpq*+,-I0000p000p000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00 000 00 00000000 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 0 000000000p000000000G% _pGG ҮӮ<1Ԯծ